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100% Free Computer Courses!
No payments or credit cards needed!

We believe that education should be accessible to everyone regardless of inability to pay.  Our main goal is to aid in the spread of computer literacy to seniors, working parents, highschool dropouts, and low-income families.  We know that self-paced learning requirements a significant amount of discipline.  These courses are absolutely free to study at your own pace.  However in an effort to offset much of the stringent discipline requirement we do offer tutor support.  This premium service is not required, but is highly recommended for the novice computer user, or one with little or no previous computer training or experience.

Course Catalog

1. Introduction To Personal Computers A complete computer course for the beginner computer user. This course teaches the basic principles, fundamentals, and procedures of computing using a Windows personal computer running Windows 7 or later.  It encloses all the tools needed to enable the novice computer user to become computer savvy in the least amount of time.