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eTutor Home Learning Academy is not affiliated with any government or other educational institution.  We an alternative resource for expensive computer schools and classes.  We are self-supporting and do all production in-house enabling us to pass great savings directly to our users.  We do not sacrifice quality for price, and we provide the type of training that you would expect to find only in traditional school and classes.

Our Objective

Is to aid in the spread of computer literacy to senior citizens, working parents, high school dropouts, and low-income families.  We know that learning in any self-pace learning environment requires a certain amount of discipline.  Even though computers are easy to learn and quite straightforward, we understand that this can be quite overwhelming for the new computer user, or one with little or no previous computer experience.

We have offset much of that requirement by incorporating into our platform professional Tutoring.  This premium service is provided at a nominal fee to cover specialized services.  This service is not a requirement but is highly recommended.