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Learning in any self-paced learning environment requires a significant amount of discipline.  We understand that for most this can be overwhelming without any support.  If you are a new computer user this can have negative effects.
At eTutor We Care.  Private tutoring is available at unheard of rates.


The Secret of Success

Private tutoring is not required to complete your course, but it is highly recommended.  Private tutoring also enables you to receive your certificate of merit and completion in the least amount of time.

24/7 Tutor Assistance

Private tutoring is like having your teacher sitting next to you at your computer

24/7 Tech Support

Even experienced users makes mistakes.  We are here to help whenever you need us.

Online Conferencing

1-on-1 conferencing or group conferencing is a another great way to give you the help you need

Remote Desktop

When all else fails and you are still stuck, we provide remote desktop assistance to guide you step by step.


Grades, quizzes and assessments are maintained for you to keep account of your progress as you progress through your course.


We know that the learning needs of one student may differ greatly from the needs of the next.  We got you covered.


With multimedia presentations, slideshows, and videos you get a hands-on-training experience that you will love.

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Our friendly customer service staff is standing by to  assist you with any questions that you may have.