100& Free Computer Training

High School Dropouts, working parent, and low income families
Our main objective is to aid in the spread of computer literacy.  We believe that quality training should be accessible to everyone regardless of ability to pay.

Individualized Personalized Interactive Training
Don’t Have A Computer?

Your Public Library Is An Excellent Resource, An Computer Use Is Free.
We recommend one or two hours per week. But with the help of our mobile apps, you can set your own pace.
Learning Has never been easier. No classes to attend. Set your own pace.

Help And Support Is Always 24/7 
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eTutor Home Learning Academy A Self-Paced, Self-Learning Classroom Structured Learning Platform

eTutor Home Learning Academy is a self-paced classroom structured learning environment that provides personalized interactive computer based training and learning. Tutor Badge Our Main Objective is to aid in the spread of computer literacy to young adults, working parents, senior citizens and low-income families.
24/7 Instructor Assistance

We know that learning to use a computer for some can be overwhelming. Our instructors are available to assist you whenever the need arises

Online Conferencing

We care about your educational needs.  Group or 1-on-1 conferencing is provided to make sure you get the most from your learning experience

Remote Desktop

Making mistakes is a part of learning. We are there to get you out of those tight jams.  Sit back and relax.  Help is on the way.  Let us show you how to do it.

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